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The Big Cheese is an excellent story to help students learn to celebrate their accomplishment and also the success of others! Competition is fun but it's not the most important thing!


This printable PDF book study includes 5 activities that can be completed as a class or independently, for Jory John and Pete Oswald's story entitled The Big Cheese. Topics include retelling, reading comprehension, making connections (text-to-self and text-to-text) group activity, SEL activity and a creative project activity! This package can be used with grades 2-4 as the level of difficulty for the writing pieces can vary. These also make excellent sub plans!


About This Product:

  • 5 PDF printable activities
  • Includes retelling, reading comprehension, making connections (text-to-self and text-to-text) group activity, SEL activity and a creative project activity!
  • Includes a colour copy of the title page too!
  • All images are black and white so student's can colour!
  • Great to leave as emergency or supply day plans as well!
  • Clip Art from Blossom in Kinder and Fonts from KG Fonts and PB Fonts on Teachers Pay Teachers


Reading - Jory John - Pete Oswald - Strategies for Reading - Books for Kids - Social Emotional Learning - Supply Plans - Sub Plans


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Ontario Expectations covered in this product:



demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships between the form, message, and context of a text, the audience, and the creator



read words, sentences, and paragraphs in a variety of texts fluently, with accuracy and appropriate pacing to support comprehension, and read aloud with expression and intonation



read and comprehend short texts, using knowledge of words, grammar, cohesive ties, sentence structures, and background knowledge



identify some text patterns, such as chronological order and journal entry, and text features, including table of contents, charts, and icons, associated with various text forms, and explain how they help readers, listeners, and viewers understand the meaning



identify ways in which images, graphics, and visual design create, communicate, and contribute to meaning in a variety of texts



identify some simple elements of style in texts, including voice, word choice, word patterns, and sentence structure, and explain how they help communicate meaning



activate prior knowledge, including knowledge gained from personal and text experiences, that they can use to make connections and understand the topic and form of new texts



use strategies such as rereading, visualizing, and asking questions, to monitor their understanding of simple texts


Terms of Use:

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· Do not claim this work as your own.

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The Big Cheese Book Study!

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