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This printable PDF unit plan is aligned with the Grade 5 & 6 Ontario 2020 Math Curriculum Expectations!


Here's What's Included:

  • Linear Measurement, Mass and Capacity key terms
  • Ordering and comparing units of measurement
  • Converting units of measurement
  • A project where students create their own 3D donut boxes!
  • Area and Surface Area
  • Unit Review worksheets
  • Designed for a combined 5/6 class but can easily be used for straight 5 or 6 classes as well (all worksheets are labelled)


Fonts from KG Fonts and Clip Art from LittleRed on TpT!


Math Unit - Worksheets - Math Worksheets - Printable - Math Booklet - No Prep - Key Terms - Answer Key - Test Review - Math Supplemental Work - Extra Math Practice - Split Class - Measurement


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Ontario Math Expectations covered in this product:


Grade 5


E2.1 use appropriate metric units to estimate and measure length, area, mass, and capacity


E2.2 solve problems that involve converting larger metric units into smaller ones, and describe the base ten relationships among metric units


E2.3 compare angles and determine their relative size by matching them and by measuring them using appropriate non-standard units (covered in Spatial Sense Unit)


E2.4 explain how protractors work, use them to measure and construct angles up to 180°, and use benchmark angles to estimate the size of other angles (covered in Spatial Sense Unit)


E2.5 use the area relationships among rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles to develop the formulas for the area of a parallelogram and the area of a triangle, and solve related problems


E2.6 show that two-dimensional shapes with the same area can have different perimeters, and solve related problems


Grade 6


E2.1 measure length, area, mass, and capacity using the appropriate metric units, and solve problems that require converting smaller units to larger ones and vice versa


E2.2 use a protractor to measure and construct angles up to 360°, and state the relationship between angles that are measured clockwise and those that are measured counterclockwise (covered in Spatial Sense Unit)


E2.3 use the properties of supplementary angles, complementary angles, opposite angles, and interior and exterior angles to solve for unknown angle measures (covered in Spatial Sense Unit)


E2.4 determine the areas of trapezoids, rhombuses, kites, and composite polygons by decomposing them into shapes with known areas


E2.5 create and use nets to demonstrate the relationship between the faces of prisms and pyramids and their surface areas (covered in Spatial Sense Unit)


E2.6 determine the surface areas of prisms and pyramids by calculating the areas of their two-dimensional faces and adding them together


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Grade 5 & 6 Math - Measurement (Linear / Mass / Capacity) 2020 Ontario Math

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