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This unit plan includes PDF worksheets aligned with the Grade 4 Ontario 2020 Math Curriculum Expectations!


Here's what's included:

  • Printable PDF version
  • Worksheets and lesson notes
  • Key Terms List
  • Answer Key Included
  • A list of lessons and topics to follow
  • Pages to complete graphs
  • Activities and Key Terms that align with the NEW 2020 Ontario Math Curriculum
  • Activities for rectangles, area, capacity vs. mass, reflections and mirror images, coordinates and cartesian planes, etc.
  • Test Review also included!
  • Clip Art from LittleRed, Clip Art with Ms. Nguyen and Educrea on TpT!
  • Fonts from KG Fonts and APL on TpT


Math Unit - Worksheets - Math Worksheets - Printable - Math Booklet - No Prep - Key Terms - Answer Key - Test Review - Math Supplemental Work - Extra Math Practice - measurement - spatial sense


Ontario Math Expectations covered in this product:


Grade 4


E1.1 identify geometric properties of rectangles, including the number of right angles, parallel and perpendicular sides, and lines of symmetry


E1.2 plot and read coordinates in the first quadrant of a Cartesian plane, and describe the translations that move a point from one coordinate to another


E1.3 describe and perform translations and reflections on a grid, and predict the results of these transformations


E2.1 explain the relationships between grams and kilograms as metric units of mass, and between litres and millilitres as metric units of capacity, and use benchmarks for these units to estimate mass and capacity


E2.2 use metric prefixes to describe the relative size of different metric units, and choose appropriate units and tools to measure length, mass, and capacity


E2.3 solve problems involving elapsed time by applying the relationships between different units of time


E2.4 identify angles and classify them as right, straight, acute, or obtuse


E2.5 use the row and column structure of an array to measure the areas of rectangles and to show that the area of any rectangle can be found by multiplying its side lengths


E2.6 apply the formula for the area of a rectangle to find the unknown measurement when given two of the three


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Grade 4 - Measurement and Spatial Sense Unit and Worksheets - 2020 Ontario Math

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