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This unit plan includes PDF worksheets aligned with the Grade 4 Ontario 2020 Math Curriculum Expectations!


Here's what's included:

  • Printable PDF version and Google Slides for lessons!
  • **Includes Infographic Assignment AND rubric**
  • Worksheets and lesson notes
  • Key Terms List
  • Answer Key Included
  • A list of lessons and topics to follow
  • Pages to complete graphs
  • Activities and Key Terms that align with the NEW 2020 Ontario Math Curriculum
  • Activities for collecting primary and secondary data, stem-and-leaf plots, mean, median and mode, probability, key terms, double bar graphs, pictographs, etc.
  • Holiday-themed Test Reviews also included!
  • Clip Art from LittleRed on TpT
  • Fonts from KG Fonts and APL on TpT


Math Unit - Worksheets - Math Worksheets - Printable - Math Booklet - No Prep - Key Terms - Answer Key - Test Review - Math Supplemental Work - Extra Math Practice - probability - data management - stem and leaf plots - collecting data - Data Management


Ontario Math Expectations covered in this product:


D1.1 describe the difference between qualitative and quantitative data, and describe situations where each would be used


D1.2 collect data from different primary and secondary sources to answer questions of interest that involve comparing two or more sets of data, and organize the data in frequency tables and stem-and-leaf plots


D1.3 select from among a variety of graphs, including multiple-bar graphs, the type of graph best suited to represent various sets of data; display the data in the graphs with proper sources, titles, and labels, and appropriate scales; and justify their choice of graphs


D1.4 create an infographic about a data set, representing the data in appropriate ways, including in frequency tables, stem-and-leaf plots, and multiple-bar graphs, and incorporating any other relevant information that helps to tell a story about the data


D1.5 determine the mean and the median and identify the mode(s), if any, for various data sets involving whole numbers, and explain what each of these measures indicates about the data


D1.6 analyse different sets of data presented in various ways, including in stem-and-leaf plots and multiple-bar graphs, by asking and answering questions about the data and drawing conclusions, then make convincing arguments and informed decisions


D2.1 use mathematical language, including the terms “impossible”, “unlikely”, “equally likely”, “likely”, and “certain”, to describe the likelihood of events happening, represent this likelihood on a probability line, and use it to make predictions and informed decisions


D2.2 make and test predictions about the likelihood that the mean, median, and mode(s) of a data set will be the same for data collected from different populations



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Grade 4 Data Literacy & Probability Unit Worksheets & Slides 2020 Ontario Math


    70 PDF pages + 40 slides

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